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3 Changes We've Made to Firwood Summer Camp in 2024

Whether you're returning for another week of adventure or attending Camp Firwood for the first time, 2024 promises exciting new experiences for your week at summer camp.

From new activities to building renovations, we've been actively preparing camp for the upcoming adventure. So what can you expect during your week at Camp Firwood?

3 Changes Coming to Camp firwood in 2024

1. Archery range

Camper shoots an arrow at Firwood summer camp

Our archery range is undergoing a total transformation. This summer, get ready for a bigger, better, and more challenging archery experience.

Now located at the challenge course, the archery range will have more space for targets of different variation. So whether you're a novice or seasoned marksman, prepare to face a suitable challenge during your week at summer camp

2. Longhouse Renovation

Person gives a sermon in the Camp Firwood longhouse

For those who love games, candy, and lake-front views, you'll be excited to hear about the Longhouse renovation. This summer marks the completion of a long-awaited upgrade to the Longhouse, and the transformation is underway!

For those with a sweet tooth, this means an overhaul of the Honey Hut camp store. If you enjoy table games, the longhouse will feature ping-pong, foosball, and more games to come. Additionally, a brand-new deck is under construction, offering a perfect spot for sub-bathing while enjoying a good book with great company.

3. The Big Swing

Camper swinging on a rope at Camp Firwood

After taking a hiatus the past few years, the Big Swing is making a comeback this summer. For seasoned campers, this is exciting news, as it has long been one of Camp Firwood's most beloved activities.

For first-time campers, the exhilarating opportunity to take the leap on the Big Swing eagerly awaits. A fair warning, however, is once you've experienced this adrenaline rush, you may find yourself chasing it all week long.

Final Thoughts

For returning campers at Firwood, the Archery Range upgrade, Longhouse renovation, and addition of the Big Swing are fresh things to look forward to in 2024.

For newcomers, these improvements will enrich your week at summer camp — so mark them down on your itinerary. See you in a few months!

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