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5 Reasons Why you should Come to camp Firwood as a Camper 2024

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Camp Firwood is considered, by many, a seminal place of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. A time when life-long relationships were built and memories made.

But for everyone who has come and gone, Camp Firwood represents something different. So of the many appeals of spending a week at summer camp, which are the most prominent?

1. To Grow Spiritually

Of all the reasons to attend camp, spiritual growth remains paramount for many people. Oftentimes, we find ourselves preoccupied with life's many distractions –– like school or athletics –– making it difficult to seek out spiritual development in our day-to-day.

At Camp Firwood, there exists an opportunity to explore the themes of the Bible at a gentle pace. Through the guidance of Camp Firwood counselors and staff, the Bible and God become less mysterious, and rather something digestible –– a way to lead one's life in peace and truth.

Camper hugging his counselor at Camp Firwood

2. To Grow Personally

Personal and spiritual growth often go hand-in-hand. While Camp Firwood introduces spiritual themes to campers, simply taking the leap in attending summer camp for a week can yield immense growth to one's character.

For most kids and teenagers, summer is a time for late-night shenanigans, sunny days, and plenty of Netflix binging. Attending summer camp, however, forces you outside of your comfort zone, where you meet new people, learn new things, and have fresh experiences.

In the end, you'll leave Camp Firwood slightly changed. You may be wearing the same clothes, perhaps with a few new stains, but you'll have stories to tell for the rest of your life.

Blonde-haired camper smiling on wooden bleachers

3. To Make New Friends

For most kids, friendships remain confined to your school. At Camp Firwood, you'll have the opportunity to meet people from outside of your city, state, and sometimes country.

Between your cabin mates and those who you will meet playing games and doing activities, Camp Firwood is a fantastic place to meet new people.

Some of your camp friendships may even persist long after camp is over. Before you know it, you will have friends from all over who share the amazing memories you created during your week at summer camp.

Older man poses with six younger kids for a photo at Camp Firwood

4. To Have Fun

While Camp Firwood exists for the personal and spiritual betterment of kids and teenagers, having fun remains a central focus.

From the variety of activities to making new friends, Camp Firwood offers an unforgettable week of fun and excitement. Time at Camp Firwood is primarily spent at Lake Whatcom, the surrounding wilderness, or running wild around camp.

If doing lake sports, perfecting your marksman skills, or competing in an assortment of games and events sounds exciting, then look no further –– Camp Firwood provides it all.

Guy wake surfing on Lake Whatcom

Final Thoughts: Spending a Week at Camp Firwood

No matter who you are, Camp Firwood will surely elevate your summer, leaving you with stories to tell long after camp has ended. Click this link to register for Camp Firwood.

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