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How to Register Your Child for Camp Firwood in 2024

Registering your child for Camp Firwood is the first step to unlocking the summer of their dreams. For some, there is a lot to consider when registering for camp, such as what session to choose or what medical information to include in order to insure your camper's safety.

If you are confused about the registration process for Camp Firwood, then be sure to follow these steps to register your child for summer camp in 2024.

Registering for Camp Firwood in 2024

1. Registration Page

The first and easiest step to registering your child for Camp Firwood is to find the registration page. You can find this link on the Camp Firwood website, or by clicking this link to be redirected to the registration page.

Camper waving at Camp Firwood

2. Create an Account

Once on the registration page, you'll have to create an account where you and your camper's information will be accessible. If you already have an account, then simply log-in and skip ahead to Step 3.

When logging in, be sure to use a trusted email address, along with a password that won't be forgotten: your account is very important!

3. Begin Registration Forum

To begin the registration forum, locate the "Start a New Registration Tab" and find the box reading "Begin." This box should always coincide with the summer you wish to register for. In this case, it's "Summer 2024."

Screen shot of camper registration page for Camp Firwood

4. Adding You Camper or Campers

Now, it is time to add your camper's basic info. When specifying the grade of your campers, be sure to use their upcoming grade, as opposed to the grade of their recent school year.

5. Choose a Session

When choosing a session for your camper, be sure that you scroll down until you see the Camp Firwood tab, as opposed to the Fircreek Day Camp (Note: If your camper is younger the third grade, then Camp Firwood will not appear).

A list of available Camp Firwood summer camp sessions

The price of each session depends on the camp schedule. For our first sessions, like our elementary opening week (June 23-28, 2024), camp ends on Friday instead of Saturday so the week is discounted.

6. Add A Camp Store Balance

The camp store includes Camp Firwood merchandise – such as hats and shirt – candy and snacks, and a variety of beverages.

Deciding how much to allot your camper for the camp store is entirely up to you. Either way, your camper will get plenty of snacks to keep them running during their week at summer camp.

7. Completing FoRms

The next step is completing the various forms necessary to register your camper for summer camp. If your child has any prescriptions, from inhalers to medication, be sure to fill out the medical form in its entirety.

Should your camper want to share a cabin with relatives or friends, then make sure you fill out the "Cabin Mate Request" form.

8. Verify Payment & Review

Verifying your payment is the last step to completing your camper's registration. Should you want to pay in full with a credit card, or utilize deposit and installment plans, there is an option for you.

Before submitting your camper's registration, be sure to review all information. Once that's done, your camper is ready for their week at Camp Firwood!

Student walking into Camp Firwood

Final Thoughts: Registering for Camp Firwood

If you are planning on sending your camper to Camp Firwood, but haven't registered just yet, we hope this guide breaks down the process into a few easy steps. We have a lot of new and exciting things this summer at Camp Firwood, so be sure to get your campers registered and ready to enjoy an amazing week of summer camp. See you in a few months!

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