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What Job is Best fit for you at Camp Firwood?

There are many positions available at Camp Firwood, all requiring different skills and abilities.

From leading campers as a Counselor or CIT (Counselor-In-Training), to performing daily chores and tasks around camp as Operations Crew, working any job at Camp Firwood proves both challenging and rewarding.

But what job at Camp Firwood is best suited for you and your skillset?

Leadership Personnel

As Leadership Personnel, you serve a behind-the-scenes yet crucial role in running a week of summer camp.

From operating various activities to offering spiritual, physical, and emotional guidance to younger staff members (CIT and Ops Crew), your task will vary depending on your abilities.

Because of the greater level of maturity and responsibility required, Leadership Personnel is best suited for college students or older young adults who wish to serve at camp.

Four people dressed as referees and covered in blue paint

counseling staff

As a Counselor, you are the heart and soul of Camp Firwood. The spiritual and emotional connection that you will develop with your campers is the number one priority at camp.

From your spiritual guidance during camper Bible studies to your infectious optimism and excitement during games and events, your goal is to provide space for both fun and spiritual growth.

A Counselor is expected to perform these tasks will great enthusiasm, and thus is best suited for college students or young adults who have a heart for guiding youth, spiritually and emotionally.

A camp counselor and campers posing for a photo at Camp Firwood

Operations Crew

As Operations Crew, you are the backbone of Camp Firwood, ensuring that camp is running smoothly and efficiently from a functional standpoint.

This means cleaning bathrooms, preparing dining services, and doing other labor jobs around camp –– all the while participating in Ops Crew Bible studies –– with great eagerness.

Ops Crew is perfect for someone who may not feel ready to lead campers as a CIT, but still wishes to learn and grow as a staff member. If you are a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in high school, serving on the Ops Crew is a great way to spend your summer.

Staff members posing as they clean a Camp Firwood bathroom

CIT (Counselor-In-Training)

As a CIT, you will be assisting your Counselor with guiding campers during their week at summer camp.

From your enthusiastic desire to lead campers, along with your willingness to learn from your more seasoned Counselor, you will learn principles of discipleship and instruction during your time at Camp Firwood.

Becoming a CIT is perfect for an upperclassman in high school seeking to guide campers spiritually and emotionally while experiencing personal growth along the way.

Camper and staff member smiling and waving

Final Thoughts: Working at Camp Firwood

Working at Camp Firwood provides an unforgettable experience. Whether your a Junior in high school, or a Senior in college, a summer spent at Camp Firwood promises personal and spiritual growth –– along with new friends and plenty of fun to be had. See you in the summer!

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