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How Working at Camp Firwood Can Boost Your Résumé

Updated: May 18

People decide to work at Camp Firwood for different reasons. Some seek personal and spiritual growth. Others see it as a more exciting job than most others.

But aside from these reasons, Camp Firwood proves invaluable in developing work experience. A résumé-booster, you might say. So if you’re looking to improve your résumé, then here are five reasons why a job at Camp Firwood can help.

Enhanced Teamwork and Collaboration

As a staff member of Camp Firwood, you’ll work alongside dozens of individuals. People of all different ages and backgrounds. The diverse pool of employees remains unique to Camp Firwood –– a rarity compared to the traditional workforce.

In any staff position, your exposure to teamwork and collaboration remains the same. When applying for a job, employers will highly consider the level of cooperation you experienced working at summer camp.

4 workers at Camp Firwood holding sanitary equipment

Leadership Development

Although not all positions at Camp Firwood experience the same level of responsibility, every job requires sufficiency in leadership. But aside from Camp Firwood’s Leadership Personnel, how do other positions practice leadership skills? 

As a Counselor, you’ll lead your campers and your CIT, reflecting advancement in leadership. For CITs, this sentiment remains true, the task of guiding and caring for campers entrusted to you, as well.

Even for the youngest Operations Crew member, running Camp Firwood’s activities, such as the Archery Range or Challenge Course, reflects a greater level of responsibility than traditional jobs may allow. 

Regardless of your role at Camp Firwood, your leadership skills will be tested and thus presentable to employers.

A male counselor and six male campers at Camp Firwood posing for photo

Creative Problem-Solving

Caring for sick campers, altering program schedules on the fly, building stage props, and writing scripts. These are regular scenarios working at Camp Firwood that require creative problem-solving. 

While any job has challenges, working at Camp Firwood puts you in unique situations that require innovative approaches to finding solutions. 

Everyone has a problem-solving story from their summer at Camp Firwood, and referencing yours during an interview will display your adaptability to an employer.

Photo of male Camp Firwood employee in front of pine trees

Non-Traditional Work Experience

Applicants with non-traditional work experience prove enticing to employers, and according to Antal International, “they bring a fresh perspective and diverse experiences to the workplace. This can lead to new ideas and innovative approaches to problem-solving.”

In making your résumé stand out from the rest, non-traditional work experience, like summer camp, proves immensely helpful. 

Working at Camp Firwood exposes you to unique circumstances and referencing this on your résumé can enhance your appeal to employers.

4 Camp Firwood staff members posing seriously in referee outfits

Final Thoughts: Working at Camp Firwood to boost your Résumé

While people choose to work at Camp Firwood for different reasons, working at summer camp to build your résumé is perfectly legitimate.

Through the variety of skills put into practice, Camp Firwood proves valuable in diversifying your résumé showing future employers your ability to lead, adapt, and problem-solve in unconventional circumstances. Apply to Camp Firwood today to start building your résumé!

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