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What Should You Pack For Your Week at Camp Firwood?

Updated: Apr 16

The first step to having an amazing week at Camp Firwood is preparation. Before embarking on your unforgettable, summer camp adventure, what should you bring to be fully prepared for your week at Camp Firwood?

What should you Pack for your week at Camp Firwood?

Camper carrying pillow and sleeping bag into Camp Firwood

Bible and Journaling supplies

While most of your time at camp is spent in the waters of Lake Whatcom or the expanse of our local wilderness, there are dedicated times of reflection, where you and your cabin mates will dive into the word of God, studying the wisdom that it has to offer.

This means that you should come prepared with your Bible and a set of journaling supplies, including a notebook and writing utensils so that you'll get the most out of this time of learning.

If you don't own a personal Bible, that is okay! Talk to your counselor or any staff member, and we'll provide you with a Bible of your own.

Notebook and bible in a forest

Sleeping Bag and Pillow

Quality sleeping gear is crucial to your enjoyment at Camp Firwood. Make sure you bring a pillow, sleeping bag, warm pajamas, and an extra blanket if you get cold during the night.

Although late summer tends to bring warmer nights, cold temperatures are common during June and early July, so prepare accordingly if you are coming to Camp Firwood during these months.

Towel and Toiletries

A well-equipped bag of toiletries is highly recommended for an optimal week at summer camp. This includes deodorant, a toothbrush, soap and shampoo, and any other hygiene product that you may need.

On top of this, bring a towel for morning showers and water activities. Some campers opt to bring an extra towel, just in case.

Folded towels sitting on a fence next to a lake

Outdoor Gear

For staying safe, comfortable, and hydrated while enjoying the many activities offered at Camp Firwood, there are some important things that you should pack.

For hydration, pack a trusty water bottle. Bug spray is also recommended to fend off pesky mosquitos throughout the day. You should also pack a flashlight, ensuring you don't fall into a thicket of stinging nettle during a late-night bathroom trip.


Packing the right clothes is very important. For the most part, you'll want to stick to packing athletic clothing (shorts, lightweight shirts, running shoes), as you'll do plenty physical activity, such as swimming, running, or playing active games, during your week at camp.

For swimming gear, pack a swimsuit optimal for active water games, like wake sports, tubing, and swimming.

Also prepare for lackluster weather, especially in the earlier months of summer camp, packing sweatshirts and rain jackets just in case. And pack extra clothes! Chances are, you will get dirty during your week at Camp Firwood, so be prepared.

What Should you Not Bring to Camp Firwood?

When packing for your week at summer camp, there are some things that you need to leave at home, lest it be confiscated by your counselor. These things include:

  1. Electronic devices (phones, tablets, smartwatches) are not allowed during camp.

  2. Illegal drugs (including marijuana), alcohol, tobacco or electronic cigarettes, vapes.

  3. Weapons (including pocket knives).

  4. Fireworks.

  5. Explicit paraphernalia

  6. Valuable items that you don't want lost or stolen.

Final Thoughts: Packing for a week at Camp Firwood

Whether you're a returning camper or coming to Camp Firwood for the first time, creating a quality pack-list is crucial unlocking the week of your dreams.

We are excited for you to join us this summer! For seasoned Camp Firwood campers, we have some new things that we are excited to share with you. For new campers, we can't wait to spend an amazing week with you. See you then!

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